About Eva Ghale Mistry

Discover Your Authentic Self with Eva

Eva Ghale Mistry is devoted to transforming lives and, ultimately, cultivating a more peaceful world. As an intuitive guide, healer, and teacher with over 15 years of experience, Eva applies her knowledge of holistic health, mindfulness, and spiritual development to help her clients reach new echelons of inner peace and happiness.

Her inward journey began on a silent retreat in Nepal over fifteen years ago. Since then, she has undergone extensive training where she refined her abilities, giving her the confidence to fulfill her soul purpose.

Her passion for guiding others extends beyond her line of sight – she has touched thousands of lives from around the world. Her grateful global client base and students are a testament to her unfailing virtuosity.

In addition to her healing practice in London, Eva is also a wife and mother of two children.

Eva Ghale Mistry

A Soul Purpose

I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery in which you will have the opportunity for rebirth, reflection, and reformation. Here, I encourage you to deepen your spiritual connection and explore what is possible.

In life, you will inevitably encounter situations that are beyond your control. Many of us suffer at the hands of other people or unfortunate circumstances. You do, however, have the power to control your reactions, perspective, and mindset. My mission is to help you become the master of your life by sharpening your intuition and learning to trust yourself.

Here, I will share techniques you can apply to every facet of your life, resulting in a well-balanced existence. Allow me to help you stitch old wounds, ruminate over past trauma, and guide you along the path towards peace.

You will also learn to liberate yourself from harmful beliefs that have been indoctrinated into you without your conscious awareness. As someone who has studied psychology in great depth, I will help you eliminate unfavorable convictions, allowing you to embrace your most authentic self.

My Vision

I envision a world occupied by souls that are fulfilled, nourished, and well-balanced. Together, we can cultivate a community devoted to establishing harmony with every passing moment.

My Mission

My mission is to guide all individuals to a place of self-discovery, healing, and contentment through transformative healing practices. I am dedicated to bestowing you the tools that will help you lead a life you love.

Core Values

I value your commitment to enhancing your well-being, deepening your spiritual connection, and improving your emotional and mental health.

I have been very FORTUNATE to have been trained by the BEST TEACHERS and COACHES from around the WORLD – Being trained and meeting these WONDERFUL SOULS like VIANNA STIBAL, TONY ROBBINS, Dr. BRIAN WEISS, GABY BERNSTEIN, DEEPAK CHOPRA, SADHGURU and becoming CERTIFIED to TEACH THETAHEALING courses by Vianna Stibal and ANGEL TEACHER programme from Diana Cooper School of white light have truly been a MAGICAL journey for me because it has helped me FLOURISH in all areas of my LIFE.

I LOVE what I TEACH and I have LEARNT from what I have taught. I look forward to GUIDING YOU on your SELF HEALING – TRANSFORMATIONAL journey.