The Advanced ThetaHealing Class Online, will build on all of your basic skills!

Dates :

24,25,26,27, February 2022

Time: 1 pm- 5pm UK time
Location:  On Zoom

When you sign up for the Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar you will receive:

Four days of live online training!

Continuous one-to-one support!

An official Advanced ThetaHealing Manual by Vianna Stibal!

A professional qualification which is your licence to practice!

A certificate of award!

Updated registration with the THiNk Institute.

Because this is an online class – you must purchase thetahealing Advanced Dna Book by Vianna Stibal  before you join on the class. you can buy it on amazon , the price of the book will be taken off the course once you have the book with you.

Your investment in yourself is £395

If you have completed your basic ThetaHealing training, you are ready to do this!

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Online ThetaHealing training with Eva Ghale Mistry

You can now train online from the comfort of your own home as a certified and insurable, ThetaHealing Practitioner in just four days!

The benefits of Online Training

Training online is the cheapest and easiest ways to access the cutting edge modality, ThetaHealing. For many years students have had to travel to workshops, often in another country so they can learn this amazing healing technique and now you can learn it by simply logging into your device.

You will get a personal service from me as well as feel part of the whole group training in the seminar. The online training means that I can now be accessible to you wherever you are in the world; and I will personally support you through your spiritual awakening.

ThetaHealing is the fastest growing energy healing modality in the world and you can join our supportive community at the forefront of the movement.  It is considered to be the cutting edge of the healing world and widely recognised as the most profound healing technique available.

Whether you wish to add this technique to your healing tool box or you are new to formal healing training, this seminar will equip you to reach a potential that you never realised was possible, without needing to consider travel or accommodation expenses

ThetaHealing brings about profound changes in mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. The key to its success is firstly that the practitioner is working from Source, the highest energy of unconditional love; there are no rituals, no spiritual contracts, no hierarchy. Everyone can access this pure energy and it is unconditionally given. You can do no harm with unconditional, complete love; it just is.

Secondly, practitioners use ‘digging’ to get to the root of the client’s issues before beliefs are changed. This is to ensure there are no blocks to the healing taking place.

Why Choose to train as a ThetaHealer?

The ThetaHealing technique is a spiritual philosophy that uses focused meditation to bring about changes in mental, emotional and physical well-being.

By accessing a deep Theta brainwave, the practitioner is able to change limiting beliefs and remove blocks that are preventing the client from moving forward. Positive feelings can replace negative ones. Practitioners can communicate with guides and angels to assist in the healing session. You will learn how to energetically detox yourself and others as well as bring in spiritual balance through chakra aligning, grounding and energy clearing techniques. As a ThetaHealing Practitioner you will be able to send love and healing to others who need it most.

You can only train as a qualified, certified ThetaHealer by a qualified instructor and you can only do this from the comfort of your own home, when you train online.

What Will I Learn?

There are three days of teaching on this live seminar, and you will progress and learn new techniques everyday.

After your three day transformation you will be a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and registered with the THiNk institute. You will be trained and qualified to work on yourself and others, to heal mind, body and soul.  

Day One of Advanced Seminar

You will be welcomed into the ThetaHealing community, receive healing from Eva and you will learn:

1. To enhance your intuitive senses and psychic abilities.

2. Further enhance your ability to change beliefs and instil feelings.

3. How to joyfully accept all the healing downloads you will be offered on everyday of the seminar.

4. How to work on resentments and grudges on a profound level.

5. How to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of initiation.

6. The fundamentals of the 7 Planes of Existence.

7. How to work with fear on a profound level.

Day Two of the Advanced Seminar

You will receive further healing from Eva, learn the ‘digging’ technique that is key to excellent ThetaHealing and you will learn:

  1. How to repair the broken soul.
  2. How to send love to a baby in the womb.
  3. How to work on free floating memories.
  4. How to read a plant.
  5. How to work on feelings of rejection.
  6. How to work on feelings of regret.
  7. How to communicate with an ancestor.

Day Three of the Advanced Seminar

You will practice how to use the ThetaHealing technique to access the Seven Planes of the Universe, and you will learn:

  1. How clear non-organic material from people, your home and other objects and have time to practice doing this.
  2. How to communicate with the Higher Self and so aid your healing work with yourself, people who are unable to speak, and animals.
  3. How to reach a deep theta brainwave through the expanding out method.
  4. An advanced future reading technique.
  5. Diving timing information and techniques.
  6. An advanced manifesting technique.
  7. The fundamentals of the Heart Song.