Thetahealing Basic DNA course

Basic DNA ThetaHealing Training Seminar Online will qualify you to practice immediately!


10,11,12,13 Feb, 2022

Time : 1-5 PM UK TIME

Location: Live on Zoom

Why Choose to train as a ThetaHealer?

The ThetaHealing technique is a spiritual philosophy that uses focused meditation to bring about changes in mental, emotional and physical well-being.

By accessing a deep Theta brainwave, the practitioner is able to change limiting beliefs and remove blocks that are preventing the client from moving forward. Positive feelings can replace negative ones.

Practitioners can communicate with guides and angels to assist in the healing session. You will learn how to energetically detox yourself and others as well as bring in spiritual balance through chakra aligning, grounding and energy clearing techniques. As a ThetaHealing Practitioner you will be able to send love and healing to others who need it most.

You can only train as a qualified, certified ThetaHealer by a qualified instructor and you can only do this from the comfort of your own home, when you train online.

What Will I Learn?

There are three to 4 days of teaching on this live seminar, and you will progress and learn new techniques everyday.

After your three/four day transformation you will be a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and registered with the THiNk institute. You will be trained and qualified to work on yourself and others, to heal mind, body and soul.  

Day One of Basic Seminar

You will be welcomed into the ThetaHealing community, receive healing from Eva and you will learn:

  1. To awaken your intuitive senses and psychic abilities.
  2. To access a Theta brainwave meditative state from where you can command and witness unconditional love flowing to yourself and others
  3. How to correctly ground yourself and make an energetic break
  4. How to do an intuitive reading and body scan
  5. How to command and witness healing
  6. The fundamentals of belief work
  7. The fundamentals of feeling work
  8. How to test beliefs and feelings

Day Two of Basic Seminar

You will receive further healing from Eva, learn the ‘digging’ technique that is key to excellent ThetaHealing and you will learn:

  1. How to pull and replace a belief
  2. The fundamentals of the digging process and how to apply it in a session
  3. How to work on fear
  4. How to work on resentments
  5. How to work on illnesses
  6. How to manifest
  7. How to clear blocks to manifesting when working on yourself and with clients

Day Three of Basic Seminar

You will practice how to use the ThetaHealing technique to access the Seven Planes of the Universe, and you will learn:

  1. The secrets of DNA Activation including how to keep regenerating and so keep yourself feeling young and healthy
  2. How to clear waywards from people and objects and
  3. How to maintain future boundaries of protection
  4. How to communicate with angels
  5. How to heal a fragmented soul
  6. How to clear the body of negative energies and psychic hooks
  7. How to call in a soulmate
  8. The fundamentals of a future reading
  9. How to recognise the emotions behind the existence of bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites in the body 

Investment for this class is £395 and you can reserve your place with a deposit of  £95! 

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