Thetahealing You And Your Inner Circle Seminar


In this You & Your Inner Circle Theta Healing Seminar you will be given the tools to change your life forever

Receive clarity and discernment on whom your inner circle are – Work on your beliefs so you can attract like-minded people into your inner circle.

Move forward in success in every aspect of your life by putting the right people around you, knowing who your best friend should be.

Discern at which stage of development your inner circle and you are.

Develop your own emotional intelligence.

Seminar date: 19,20 Feb,2022

Time : 11 am-5:30 Pm UK time 

Seminar Investment £395
ThetaHealing® You and Your Inner Circle
Duration: 2 Days

This class is an in-depth journey of discovery that takes ThetaHealing Practitioners to a new level of understanding. Students have ample time for self-healing and digging work with partners to clear limiting beliefs.

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In this class I will teach you why your inner circle changes so much. Why you shift your friends around, and what kind of friends you need to surround yourself with so that you are charged and feel good, so that you can still give back to the world.
I will be teaching you how to work with every ‘stage of mind’. So that you will understand your clients and students and where they are, and you can help them to move forward.I am committed to ensuring you feel completely supported through the learning process and feel confident to continue your journey knowing I am there to guide you. You will learn with love and care, from demonstration, instruction, practice with yourself, hands on practising with other students as well as practical exercises.

You will be free to learn at your pace and to ask questions as you learn. 

I will show you how by having discernment and understanding of your inner circle you will create more growth in your personal and business-work life, your happiness and overall well-being.

I would be honoured to guide you through this wonderful brand new ThetaHealing exercises within this seminar and support you on your well deserved transformational journey. Part of the reason I decided to teach this class is because it helped me create a wonderful circle of good supportive system for myself and business. Looking forward to share my experiences with you.