Private healing Sessions and Mentoring Programmes with Eva Ghale Mistry

Below is a list of all the current services offered by Eva Ghale Mistry. You can find out more about each one or you can book a session or a programme, by clicking on the appropriate button.

Intuitive  Mentoring/ThetaHealing® session(s) And Angelic Healing + Guidance Sessions

One hour ThetaHealing® Single Session -£120

We all have ‘beliefs’ that we have consciously or unconsciously acquired, and these reflect who we are, what we think and how we behave. Our behaviour patterns are the messages we send out to the world, and the universe validates them by mirroring them back at us. Sometimes we don’t like what is happening in our lives, but we fail to see that inside us at a deep level, we may be the originator of the problem.

One hour Angelic Intuitive Guidance With Oracle Card Reading Session-£80

Angels are pure spiritual beings who come from the heart of God (or source or the creator) and are manifestations of unconditional love. Their role is to act as messengers or intermediairies for the divine. Our Angels send messages and support to us through the cards. You may need advice about your finances, your job, your relationship or you may simply be seeking peace of mind or reassurance about a certain situation. Having an Angel card reading can really help.

Package of 12 ThetaHealing® or Intuitive Mentoring Sessions £1400

We commit to work/heal root of the issue, you wish to address + Email Support )

Our Seminars

Online Basic Dna Thetahealing Training Seminar

Basic DNA ThetaHealing Training Seminar Online will qualify you to practice immediately!

Online Advanced DNA Thetahealing Seminar

The Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar Online, will build on all of your basic skills!

An Introduction to Angels- Online Class

Become familiar with the angelic realm In-depth study of 12 Chakras A study on Angelic messages What are guardian angels What are Angelic symbols How to do space clearing with the angels

Online Dig Deeper Thetahealing Seminar

Digging is key to ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing® is so successful as a technique because practitioners are taught through ‘digging’ to get to the origin of clients’ issues.