I learned different healing technique, but no other technique satisfied me so much as thetahealing technique.
When I came to know about thetahealing I felt this is exactly what I am looking for. After taking thetahealing basic, advance and dig deeper from Eva Ghale Mistry my life changed drastically.
I feel energized and refreshed all the time. It proved to be the turning point in my spiritual journey.
It has been uplifting, effective, transformative and transcendental in my life. This wonderful modality has been a part of my daily life.
I started seeing many miracles.
The recent one is my friend AL Duncan wrote a book name Becoming One with The Universe. I wanted to read it but could not afford it at the time. It was available on amazon. After taking thetahealing class I kept on manifesting.
One day I received a email confirmation order for that very book I wanted to read so badly, my brother who lives in Australia had ordered it for me as a surprise gift. I was so ecstatic and grateful.
This is one of the amazing miracles I experience after taking the thetahealing class.
Thank you Creator of all that is, Vianna, Eva Ghale Mistry for this life changing healing modality.
Eva is an amazing teacher. She is very kind, humble, full of knowledge and confident in what she teaches, She opened up my heart, nourish my soul and cleanse by brain.
Alisha A
After I took Basic DNA and Advanced DNA practitioner course with Eva Ghale Mistry, My practice of healing has improved considerably. Here’s one amazing incident that took place while coming back from Pilgrimage Tour from India on the 10th of January. We were travelling by bus while on our way to Kathmandu and were stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours. One of the passenger was panicking as he had to reach the airport by 11:00 pm. So, two of us, as thetahealers we prayed to creator of all that is for the passenger. And in no time a motorbike came approaching out of nowhere and the driver of our bus asked the biker if he can take one of our passengers to the airport with him , without any hesitation he agreed to take the passenger. That was a miracle otherwise, he wouldn’t be reaching the airport. We presumed he must have reached his destination. Nothing is impossible if you believe and trust in the Creator of All That Is.
Keshari G.