I learned different healing technique, but no other technique satisfied me so much as thetahealing technique.
When I came to know about thetahealing I felt this is exactly what I am looking for. After taking thetahealing basic, advance and dig deeper from Eva Ghale Mistry my life changed drastically.
I feel energized and refreshed all the time. It proved to be the turning point in my spiritual journey.
It has been uplifting, effective, transformative and transcendental in my life. This wonderful modality has been a part of my daily life.
I started seeing many miracles.
The recent one is my friend AL Duncan wrote a book name Becoming One with The Universe. I wanted to read it but could not afford it at the time. It was available on amazon. After taking thetahealing class I kept on manifesting.
One day I received a email confirmation order for that very book I wanted to read so badly, my brother who lives in Australia had ordered it for me as a surprise gift. I was so ecstatic and grateful.
This is one of the amazing miracles I experience after taking the thetahealing class.
Thank you Creator of all that is, Vianna, Eva Ghale Mistry for this life changing healing modality.
Eva is an amazing teacher. She is very kind, humble, full of knowledge and confident in what she teaches, She opened up my heart, nourish my soul and cleanse by brain.
Alisha A


After I took Basic DNA and Advanced DNA practitioner course with Eva Ghale Mistry,
My practice of healing has improved considerably. Here’s one amazing incident that took place while coming back from Pilgrimage Tour from India on the 10th of January. We were travelling by bus while on our way to Kathmandu and were stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours. One of the passenger was panicking as he had to reach the airport by 11:00 pm. So, two of us, as thetahealers we prayed to creator of all that is for the passenger. And in no time a motorbike came approaching out of nowhere and the driver of our bus asked the biker if he can take one of our passengers to the airport with him , without any hesitation he agreed to take the passenger. That was a miracle otherwise, he wouldn’t be reaching the airport. We presumed he must have reached his destination. Nothing is impossible if you believe and trust in the Creator of All That Is.
Keshari G.

I heard about thetahealing was being taught by Eva Ghale Mistry and after reading about the benefits and how it preprogrammes your subconscious mind from replacing negative beliefs to positive one, I decided to take thetahealing Basic Dna course. I was going through anxiety and suffered being claustrophobic. My anxiety and claustrophobia is cleared since I learnt and practised thetahealing technique. Thetahealing has brought lots of positive changes in my life. I used to be very scared of flights and there came a time that I had to travel but was very nervous and excited at the same time. My flight was 6 hours on the way there and return was 4 hours. What surprised during the whole six hours there and back, I had no anxiety, panic attacks and feelings of being claustrophobic. I really enjoyed the flight and felt very calm and relaxed. I knew it was all because of amazing power of thetahealing that I healed. I practice regularly, thetahealing has and is helping me a lot and I am very glad that I took thetahealing course. I highly recommend thetahealing course if anyone is thinking of doing it, you don’t have to be a healer or know anything about it, it is for everyone. Thank you Eva for bringing thetahealing course to Nepal.

-Shweta, Kathmandu

I just completed thetahealing basic DNA course with Eva. Thank you so much Eva
The class was amazing.
I highly recommend it to everyone. It has completely transformed my life. I was new to energy healing but in 3 days I had so much in depth knowledge of energy healing work, how simple it is to clear emotional blocks, mental blocks with ease and Eva is an amazing teacher, she has got a real passion for the healing work. She’s a natural teacher and I really enjoyed learning from her.
During the weekend we gained so much experience and knowledge

Rita, London

When I met Eva, I was surprised with her immense knowledge in spirituality and healing. It was my first time hearing about thetahealing from Eva.

After taking thetahealing Basic DNA course from Eva, my chronic back pain has been getting much better and above that I am now happy and have found my purpose in this spiritual journey. Thank you Eva for teaching this wonderful healing modality and I will definitely continue this beautiful journey of healing and helping others.

-Beena, Kathmandu


Since taking up Thetahealing Course both Basic & Advanced DNA course from Eva, I feel more connected to the creator. I am working on my personal issues to be healed and feel much better now and the unseen fear I had is gone. Definitely, my life has changed for the better, this is just a beginning of my spiritual journey. Thank you Eva Vianna for such a beautiful healing technique. Thank you Eva for introducing me to this amazing healing modality and to Nepal . May God bless you.

-Bishnu, Nepal

Theta Healing Magical Life Classes with Eva DD ———————————————————– “It is wonderful course. I have done Theta Healing DNA Basic and Advance course. This magical course experience really is life changing. Now I feel very joyful, refresh, confident, secure, more positive through, good feeling, deeper sense of trust and supportive. The biggest thing is my life perception has changed for the better. Thetahealing cleared my chronic back and shoulder pain as during the class I found out the cause of my back and shoulder pain were my fear of losing and it  cleared when we worked on this issue. Digging for beliefs that are negative  and witnessing instant healing is amazing. I am fully convinced of the magical benefits of this technique. We also did some amazing exercises like talking to Ancestors, removing free floating memories, heart song exercise, clearing soul fragment, removing psychic attack. Now I feel very energised and alive all the time.  Thank you to Eva Madam, Thank you Vainna Stibal and Theta Healing, Thank you Creator. Lets hug with love and heal the world together!.”

-Rajendra Dongol, Nepal

I have taken Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and Your Inner Circle with Eva, I like about this course is that its a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy – not specific to one religion but accepting them all – with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator. 

I am most appreciative of ThetaHealing® technique , it has given me back my connection with Creator. It  also provided me with exceptional healing skills to help myself and others live a peaceful and joyful life. Thank you, Eva Sister. Under your guidance, I was able to figure it out my life purpose, and my heart radiates.

I am in love with the technique and the results I witness everyday in myself and in all of my clients.

A great door has opened new possibilities for me and many others. Now I don’t live in the drama that I used to live. I am calm, happy, and healthy and this really has made a huge difference in my life. I know things now that I did not know existed and to be connected all the time with myself and the world around me  it´s so marvellous and great.

Thank you for your guidance.

Rupendra Kayastha, Nepal

I have taken Basic and Advanced Dna Class with Eva,

After learning  Thetahealing technique my life has completely changed for the better. It has made me much emotionally and mentally  stronger and I can see massive difference in my life. I have been able to get rid of my anxieties and panic attacks. I do one to one healing sessions and give readings to people and my clients are so happy and they thank me for changing their lives positively. It is truly an honour to do this , I am spreading the light of thetahealing. Thank you so much for teaching me thetahealing technique.

G, S- Nepal